CJ is an officer with 10+ years of military service in the United States Army. His experience includes leadership positions in multicultural organizations with over 100 employees and annual budgets in excess of $5 million. The majority of his time in the military has been in domain of learning and education, including a tour in the academic sector as an Assistant Professor of Military Science at the University of Utah.

​One of his chief accomplishments involved organizing a collaborative effort with academic and commercial partners in developing a premiere language and cultural training program for service members preparing for overseas assignments. This program culminated in the creation of the Polyglot Games, a multifaceted exercise for evaluating language and cultural proficiency. It was during this time that CJ discovered CQ and began collaborating with the Cultural Intelligence Center to integrate CQ into his training program. Since then, he has utilized CQ in developing and sustaining high-performing teams in subsequent assignments.

His academic credentials include an MBA, a B.A. in Communications.  He is Gold Level certified in the Kirkpatrick Training Evaluation method and is a graduate of the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies Red Team Leader course.  Aside from his military service, CJ and his wife, Elizabeth, work as small business consultants specializing in organizational psychology and culture, strategic planning, and operational design. The two reside in Salt Lake City, Utah.