Kelli Maxwell graduated college in winter of 2001; after a few years of substitute teaching and coaching, she accepted a position as an Account Manager for Technicolor managing the domestic and international distribution of 35mm film for DreamWorks and Lions Gate Films. After realizing the film industry was not for her, Kelli returned to college to complete her initial undergraduate studies and pursue a nursing degree. Upon obtaining her RN, she took a substantial pay cut to become a nurse and feels it was the best decision she’s ever made!

Kelli grew up on a cattle farm in northwest Ohio, USA, where she cherished every second of growing up in a small community and being a part of the 4-H community. Her experiences taught her the meaning of hard work, how important it is to always help others, to overcome challenges in harsh conditions, and how to find solutions to whatever comes her way.

Many of the skills Kelli learned growing up acted as a springboard for her entry into the medical field, and her eventual role as an ER/Trauma RN in the inner city at a Level 1 Trauma Center.